Ski NM Hall of Fame

Press release; Monday Oct. 26, 2015

The New Mexico Ski Hall of Fame and Ski New Mexico are proud to announce the induction of two of our industries outstanding individuals:

Sigi Klein: born 12/9/1935 started with the Red River Ski School in the md 1960’s with Jean Mayer. He has been a major influence in the development of the Red River Ski School as well as developing the teaching progression used in the UAS. Sigi has taught thousands of people to ski and enjoy the winter sport over his 60 plus years of teaching this passion. At 84 years old Sigi skis the steep and the deep everyday he is on the mountain and then returns to the Main Chalet to coach his class.

Benny Abruzzo has enjoyed a long carrier in the winter sport industry and has had a significant influence on the Ski Industry in New Mexico. As the owner and operator of two ski areas that are the closest to the largest population base in New Mexico, Benny and his Ski Schools at Sandia Peak and Ski Santa Fe have created an entry point for most of the Skiers and Snowboards in New Mexico.

Passion for winter sports is probably to most accurate way to describe Benny and what he brings to the New Mexico Ski industry. Benny is an avid winter outdoorsman, skiing, snowboarding virtually every day of the season, along with Ice Climbing, Para Gliding, skinning, and hiking on the snow. Benny’s passion the industry and for winter sports has influenced how he manages his business and his wish that others share his passion.

Along with the induction of our two Ski Hall of Fame individuals Ski New Mexico recognizes the industries “Best of the Best” for last ski season 2014-2015.

A. Customer Service--- Scott Hussion (Ski Santa Fe)

Scott born and raised in Santa Fe and was a competitive freestyle skier for 10 years. He started working for Ski Santa Fe at age 14 and recently graduated from Oregon St. with a bachelor’s degree. He has been managing the Sports Shop since 2008. Coinciding with the renovation of the La Casa Lodge the sport shop under Scott’s direction has seen a 30% growth. He has managed and led a diverse sales team that is knowledgeable, friendly, and very helpful. Scott is also responsibility for the social media campaign “Ski Bueno” focusing on Instagram, twitter and Facebook. SSF has had an increase of over 3000 followers because of his actions.

B. Mountain Operations---Paul Humphrey (Pajarito)

Paul was raised in Los Alamos and has always called Pajarito ski area home. He started his second profession with Pajarito as a lift operator and grown into his present position as lift ops supervisor. This communication skills and ability to train others are two of his many strengths. His biggest attribute is he is a “Team Player”.

C. Ski Instructor---Deborah Beauchamp-May (Angle Fire)

Deb was born and raised in Connecticut and moved to New Mexico in the mid 1980’s where she started teaching skiing in 1989. She became PSIA certified in 1990 and shortly after became a level 3 cert and Children’s Specialist in PSIA RM. Deborah has taught hundreds of instructors and thousands of students. She is also an avid road cyclist, gardener and violinist. She is also a Real Estate Broker in Angel Fire and a Mon.
As director of the Children’s ski school she sets the standard for teaching and shares her knowledge freely.

D. Ski Patrol---Albert Graves (Sipapu)

Albert has been a part of Sipapu for the past 5 years. During the 2014-15 season he was promoted to the director of Sipapu’s professional patrol. His professionalism puts everyone on the mountain at ease knowing the ski patrol is well-trained and prepared for whatever situation could arise. His work is of the highest quality, he communicates clearly and effetely with his staff, and conducts many training classes. Like many other, Albert holds a special place in his heart for Sipapu growing up just down the road.