Equipment Rental Sets

Equipment Rental Sets:

A ski set consists of skis, boots, and poles.  All of our skis are shaped skis.  A snowboard set is a snowboard, bindings and boots.  We offer a la carte rentals for those that own their own boots, skis or snowboards.  


Reserved Equipment Pick Up:

You may pick up your equipment after 2:00PM the day PRIOR to your first day of skiing. If you prefer, you can pick up the morning of your first day of skiing.  Our shop is open from 7:30AM until 5:00PM.


Equipment Insurance:

We offer insurance on ski and snowboard equipment for $2 per person per day. It covers any kind of damage to the equipment WHILE IN USE (i.e.) skiing on trails at the ski area.  The insurance does not cover loss, theft or abuse of equipment (melted boots, multiple rock gouges or damage incurred from skiing or snowboarding off marked trails; jumping in terrain park). 


What type skiier are you?

Type 1: Ski Cautiously. Prefer slower speeds, cautious skiing on smooth slopes, entry level.

Type 2: Ski Moderately. Prefer a variety of speeds, prefer to ski on varied terrain (green, blue, & black).

Type 3: Ski Aggressively. Prefer faster speeds and aggressive skiing on slopes of moderate to steep pitch (difficult blues & blacks).


Keeping Track of your Equipment:

At the time of your rental, your rental tech will show you where the ski/snowboard number is located. KNOW YOUR NUMBER. Please make sure you use the equipment that is set for you. Use your number to keep track of your equipment while on the mountain. Equipment looks alike, so make sure you are skiing on the equipment that is assigned to you.


Equipment Return (Due Date):

Equipment not returned by 9:00AM the morning the rental is due (indicated on rental form) will result in an additional day of rental charged to the responsible party. Each day equipment is in your possession whether the equipment is being used or not is your responsibility. Refunds will not be issued for unused days.



Adult Ski or Snowboard Rental: 1-Day to 5-Days
Teen Ski or Snowboard: 1-Day to 5-Days
Junior Ski or Snowboard Rental: 1-Day to 5-Days
Senior Ski or Snowboard Rental: 1-Day to 5 Days